Enhancing the safety and growth of alfalfa by the utilization of novel non-thermal technology - high voltage atmospheric cold plasma

PI: Zifan Wan


Wan is an assistant professor of animal and dairy science at UW–Platteville. Her primary research interest is in the application of non-thermal technologies for enhanced food safety and quality to achieve sustainable manufacturing goals. In addition, her research focuses on the utilization of food by-products and wastes for production of value-added ingredients. Wan’s position is funded by the Dairy Innovation Hub.

Wan’s project aims to utilize plasma-activated-water (PAW) treatment on alfalfa seeds to eliminate microbial contamination and enhance the growth of alfalfa by increasing seed germination and plant growth. The effect of PAW in microbial inactivation will be evaluated on alfalfa seeds contaminated with surrogates of foodborne pathogens and mold. Furthermore, the PAW will be evaluated for its effectiveness in enhancing seed germination and plant growth of alfalfa, which could increase the efficiency and sustainability of alfalfa production.