Communication resources

Dairy Innovation Hub logos

The primary Hub logo and logos for each campus are available for download in print and digital formats.

Primary logo

Campus logos

Brand standards

We have developed brand standards to help our audiences use the Hub logo and other assets correctly. Please contact us if you have any questions


Download our handout formatted for public audiences. Please use and distribute as needed!


The Hub has identified the font Poppins, to distinguish and accentuate the Hub brand.  This font is available for free download as a Google font.

For alternatives, the Hub recommends the use of Lato (sans serif), Montserrat or Open Sans (sans serif) which are available for free download as Google fonts. These fonts come preinstalled on most computers.

Power point templates

Presentation templates

Sample acknowledgement slides for research presentations (available in narrow and widescreen format)

Research poster templates


Electronic letterhead (in MS Word format) is available upon request through the Dairy Innovation Hub.

Style guides and guidelines

For consistency, the Hub follows the styles below

Editorial style guide
Writing guidelines for acknowledging personnel and centers jointly funded by campuses and Extension