Mission and vision

Mission: Position Wisconsin’s dairy community for economic, environmental and social success by advancing science, developing talent and leveraging collaboration.

Vision:  To be the world’s preeminent source of bold new discoveries and talent development in dairy.

Core Values:

  • Awareness. We are grounded by the realities of the dairy community. We seek to be dialed-in to the needs and conditions of our stakeholders.
  • Learning and Discovery. We support scientific advancement and evidence-based decision-making. We want to be a platform for lifelong learning and action.
  • Collaboration. We actively contribute to university partners and stakeholders working together as a team. We acknowledge the power of relationships.
  • Respect. We embrace diverse perspectives, cultures, audiences and business philosophies. We treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Accountability. We take the stewardship of resources seriously. We will take responsibility for the success or failures of our efforts.
  • Creativity. We encourage looking at common problems through a different lens. We will  foster the spark of innovation and find answers to tomorrow’s challenges.

Goals and objectives:

  • Recruit, retain and develop top talent
  • Create a community for the best dairy-related science
  • Foster ideas that birth innovation and create solutions
  • Engage colleagues from across Wisconsin and beyond to make groundbreaking discoveries
  • Improve the quality and conditions of life through scientific discovery
  • Cultivate a culture of excellence
  • Enhance innovation by dedicating the necessary people, tools and resources
  • Build stronger relationships among UW–Madison, UW–Platteville and UW–River Falls
  • Amplify and connect discoveries directly to the people they serve through critical outreach

Key audiences:

  • DIH leadership committee, steering committees and advisory council + staff (internal)
  • Campus communities at UW–Madison, UW–Platteville and UW–River Falls
  • State lawmakers
  • State agency staff
  • Farmers
  • Dairy processors and supply chain partners
  • Medical and nutrition community
  • Trade associations, dairy organizations, environmental groups
  • Media representatives and other communicators
  • Funding recipients (students, postdocs, faculty, staff, etc.)
  • Communication professionals on the three campuses
  • UW leadership and regents
  • Dairy consumers/eaters
  • Communities that are home to the dairy community