Validating a novel serological panel for bovine fatty liver syndrome

PI: Ryan Pralle


Pralle is an assistant professor of animal and dairy science in the UW–Platteville School of Agriculture. His research interests span dairy cow nutrition and predictive analytics. Specifically, his research strives to develop data-driven management tools and strategies to optimize the nutrient supply to and the metabolic health of individual cows. Pralle’s position is funded by the Dairy Innovation Hub.

Pralle’s project will determine the incidence, consequences, and financial impact of bovine fatty liver syndrome, a metabolic disorder than can develop in pre- or post-calving cows, with a newly-developed blood-based serological biomarker panel. This will be determined by sampling a cohort of 500 cows from three privately-owned dairy farms. In addition to cow blood samples, production, reproduction, health records, nutrition data, and genetic information will be collected.

Erin Kammann