Exploring high liver triglyceride content heritability and genetic architecture in early lactation Holstein cows

PI: Ryan Pralle


Pralle is an assistant professor of animal and dairy science in the UW–Platteville School of Agriculture. His research interests span dairy cow nutrition and predictive analytics. Specifically, his research strives to develop data-driven management tools and strategies to optimize the nutrient supply to and the metabolic health of individual cows. Pralle’s position is funded by the Dairy Innovation Hub.

Bovine fatty liver syndrome (bFLS) is a metabolic disorder in early lactation dairy cows that reduces cow productivity and fertility, as well as increases morbidity risk. Pralle developed a blood biomarker panel that diagnoses cows with or without high liver triglyceride (HTG); HTG may be an effective indicator for bFLS. Pralle’s project will investigate HTG genetic variance and heritability and to identify candidate genes and metabolic pathways associated with HTG susceptibility.

Publication in the Journal of Dairy Science – June 2023

Ryan Haasl