Innovative methods to detect and protect against heat stress in dairy calves

PI: Jimena Laporta


Laporta is an assistant professor of animal and dairy sciences at UW–Madison. Her research investigates how autocrine, systemic, and environmental factors affect the regulation of mammary gland development and function. Additionally, she researches how these factors affect milk synthesis and composition.

Wisconsin dairy cows and calves are susceptible to rising global temperatures which threatens animal welfare, health, and productivity. This project seeks to identify heat stress thresholds in Wisconsin dairy calves. Once a heat stress threshold is identified, Laporta and her team will study methods to eliminate or reduce heat stress on dairy calves in outdoor hutch systems. Jennifer Van Os and Joao Dorea are collaborating on this research. This project aligns with Dairy Task Force recommendation #9 (‘Support the National Dairy FARM program’).

Publication in the Journal of Dairy Science – December 2022