Dietary fiber and starch digestibility effects on feeding behavior and lactation performance

PI: Luiz Ferraretto


Ferraretto is an assistant professor of animal and dairy sciences and extension specialist at UW–Madison. His research and extension interests are applied ruminant nutrition and management.

Carbohydrates like fiber and starch are known to influence intake patterns and therefore lactation performance by dairy cows. Because of this, there have been recent research efforts to identify new indicators of fiber and starch digestibility for nutritional models used to create rations. These models will be used to help make predictions about intake, rumen health, and performance. This project is conducting a retrospective study to understand the relationship between dietary characteristics and feed behavior and lactation performance. Results of the research will be shared throughout the extension program to provide more accurate guidelines of diet formation. This project aligns to Dairy Task Force recommendation #26 (‘Increased collaboration in the UW System and with private industry’).