Exploring factors that contribute to nutrient use for feed efficiency

PI: Heather White


White is a professor of animal and dairy sciences at UW–Madison and faculty advisor for the Dairy Innovation Hub. Her research program focuses on the health and nutrition of dairy cows during the transition period and is centered on hepatic and whole-animal nutrient partitioning and metabolism. White’s research strives to determine the mechanism of nutrient partitioning, feed efficiency, and metabolic health in order to provide science-based solutions and interventions to improve dairy cow health and productivity.

Post-doc (pictured above): Usman Arshad is a postdoctoral research associate in Heather White’s lab at UW–Madison. Usman is from Pakistan and recently received his PhD in animal molecular and cell biology from the University of Florida with a major concentration in dairy cattle nutrition and reproduction. Usman is passionate about transition cow management and exploring molecular and cellular pathways related to hepatic tissue metabolism and feed efficiency in dairy cows.

White and her postdoc Arshad are exploring the factors that contribute to the nutrient use for feed efficiency. The ultimate goal is to understand nutrient use efficiency at cellular and whole-animal level to improve feed efficiency and reduce methane emissions in dairy cows.