Efficient manure land application through innovative tillage systems: Feasibility and environmental impacts

PI: Bob Zeng

Zeng is an assistant professor of agricultural engineering at UW–River Falls. He is a licensed professional engineer with expertise in the areas of machinery systems modeling, testing, automation, and numerical simulation.

This project aims to investigate the feasibility of the integration of innovative tillage and liquid manure land application and holistically evaluate associated agronomic, environmental, and economic impacts. A field unit prototype machine for liquid manure incorporation and injection will be developed through computeraided design and modeling. Machine performance and its effects on soil, crop, water, and air quality will be evaluated through plotbased tests. Case studies will be conducted to assess the feasibility and profitability of the integrated manure application systems. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a viable liquid manure application system that maximizes field efficiency and crop nutrient availability while minimizing environmental impacts. 

Natasha Rayne