Performing a risk assessment for the dairy farm

PI: Joshua Yue


Yue is an assistant professor at UW–Platteville with research interests in cybersecurity and software engineering. His research is focused on IoT security, program transformation systems, and domain-specific languages. Yue was the lead in developing the Cybersecurity degree program at UW–Platteville.

Proposal Summary: Smart technologies are increasingly being adopted on dairy farms to streamline the process of herd management. A variety of cybersecurity threats and attacks targeting the dairy sector have been reported due to the vulnerabilities exposed by smart devices and communications. Such attacks have the potential to cause serious damage that may disrupt the normal operation of a farm, impair the health and welfare of herds, and hinder the growth of farm businesses. The goal of this project is to outline the security posture of the dairy farm at UW–Platteville by performing a comprehensive risk assessment and recommend measures to mitigate identified risks. These findings will be generalized to investigate common cybersecurity issues facing the dairy sector.

Ryan Pralle