UWRF Mann Valley Farm bovine compost research expansion

PI: Patrick Woolcock


Woolcock, an assistant professor of agricultural engineering technology at UW–River Falls. He is a chemical engineer by training with research and development experience in energy, environmental remediation and other clean energy technologies.

This project seeks to improve Wisconsin farm profitability and longevity by developing and demonstrating initial research on compost and biochar in a dairy farming system. Outcomes of this study could lead to product diversification and improved output, as well as reduced environmental impacts compared to conventional manure and waste handling techniques. This two-year study will include equipment redesign and implementation to support sustainable production of high-quality compost, lab-scale data collection and evaluation, field application trials and finally, an economic assessment and feasibility study as part of a shift toward regenerative agriculture for Wisconsin farmers. This research will be conducted in collaboration with several UWRF faculty members across multiple departments and will also include research farm and industry expertise.