Measuring the rheological properties of ice cream to predict its mouth-feel sensations

PI: Bidhan Roy


Roy is a professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at UW–Platteville. He specializes in continuum mechanics, biofluid mechanics, applied mathematics and computational methods.

Wisconsin ranks as a major producer of ice-cream and the majority of manufacturers have been in business for over 50 years, many are small family-owned businesses. In order to sustain a robust economic growth, the ice-cream industry must keep strides with recent advances in science, technology and customer preference. To be at the forefront in producing nutritious products in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner, the industry must innovate. Cutting across discipline lines, people with expertise in engineering and dairy sciences will come together and apply their knowledge to improve on such dairy products. This study will build understanding of the fluid mechanical characteristics of an ice-cream mix prepared by students as part of their coursework. Using a neural network model, the characteristics will be correlated with the mouth-feel sensations of the ice-cream samples. This will enable prediction of the taste sensations for various types of ice-cream mixes.

Thomas Zolper