Determining consumer preferences of dairy milk

PI: Beth Olson


Olson is an associate professor of nutritional sciences at UW–Madison. Her research interests include improving infant feeding practices in low-income households and breastfeeding support for low-income and working women.

Fluid milk consumption has been declining in recent years as alternative plant beverages grow in popularity. Plant-based beverages, however, lack the nutrients of dairy milk which is recommended by U.S. Dietary Guidelines. Promoting milk with a generalized message can be insensitive to some populations such as those with higher prevalence of lactose intolerance or specific lifestyles like veganism. By focusing on which aspects of milk appeal to each kind of consumer this project will improve nutritional education in the state of Wisconsin and help boost milk sales. Bret Shaw, Todd Newman, and Barry Arnold are collaborating on this research. This project aligns to Dairy Task Force 2.0 Recommendation #4 (‘Need for a consistent industry message’).