Analysis of amino acids in milk and dairy products will enhance research from a biochemical, nutritional, bioactive and safety perspective

PI: Rodrigo Ibáñez Alfaro


Ibáñez Alfaro is an associate scientist at the Center for Dairy Research. He is focusing on microbiological topics related to cheese and dairy products, along with writing research proposals and supporting research and outreach activities at CDR.

Ibáñez Alfaro’s project plans to utilize a new ultraperformance liquid chromatography (UPLC) instrument (Waters® Acquity UPLC H-Class Plus) with the capacity to quantify amino acids to study the amino acid composition of milk and dairy products. Amino acids form proteins, the and processing of milk into a great variety of dairy products can cause changes in the protein fraction that will directly impact on their biochemical, nutritional and functional properties.

Selvarani Govindasamy Lucey