Mid-infrared spectroscopy platform for rapid assessment of soil, feed and dairy product nutrients for sustainable dairy production across Wisconsin

PI: Alfred Hartemink


Hartemink is chair and professor of soil science at UW–Madison. His research interests include soil mapping and soil information, digital soil mapping, soil carbon, tropical soils and tropical agriculture, soil fertility and global soil science, and soil publications and soil science history.

Hartemink’s project aims to use a mid-infrared (MIR) spectrometer to build a campus-wide platform for rapid quantification of soil characteristics, feed quality, and dairy products nutrients for sustainable dairy production across Wisconsin. Spectral libraries and chemometric models will be built for soil (e.g., physiochemical and biological properties, soil health indicators), feed (e.g., mineral and nutrient levels), and dairy products (e.g., milk and cheese quality) by routinely scanning large number of samples collected in Wisconsin. This new equipment and libraries will be shared by researchers across campus for high-throughput measurement of soil, feed, and dairy products.