Discovering a new dairy-based ingredient to replace fat in whipped cream

PI: Audrey Girard


Girard joined is an assistant professor of food science at UW–Madison who specializes in food chemistry. Her overarching goal is to use protein chemistry to improve food quality and sustainability, as well as to promote human health.

A major issue in the dairy cream industry are rising health concerns of consumers looking for low-fat alternatives. Many low-fat options are stabilized by ingredients that are unfamiliar to consumers. Consumers worldwide are also gravitating towards shorter, simpler ingredient lists. These evolving obstacles cannot go unaddressed. This project hypothesizes that whey protein-derived ingredients could replace the fat in cream while maintaining cream properties. This would be especially useful for production of whipped cream. This study will help dairy processors to develop low fat, reduced calorie, high protein cream-based products that enrich nutrition and enhance marketability of premium Wisconsin dairy products. Rich Hartel is collaborating on this research. This project aligns to Dairy Task Force 2.0 Recommendation #26 (‘Increased collaboration in the UW System and with private industry’).