Demonstrating the value of dairy ingredients in protein- and fiber-based enriched snack foods

PI: Audrey Girard


Girard is an assistant professor of food science at who specializes in food chemistry at UW–Madison. Her overarching goal is to use protein chemistry to improve food quality and sustainability, as well as to promote human health.

Demand is increasing for foods with high fiber and protein contents, especially bioactive proteins with health-promoting functions. An underutilized source of these nutrients is dairy whey, a byproduct of cheese production. The dairy whey coproducts whey protein phospholipid concentrate (WPPC) and delactosed permeate (DLP) are primarily used in low value products. Yet, WPPC contains at least 50% protein, including 23% bioactive, potentially prebiotic, proteins. DLP contains 60% lactose, which can be converted to fiber. This project aims to increase the value of whey coproducts by incorporating WPPC and DLP into snack foods. Glycomacropeptide (GMP), a bioactive antimicrobial whey protein that reduces weight gain will also be incorporated. The results of this study aims to demonstrate ingredient functionality to produce innovative, nutritious snack foods that will improve the marketability of dairy whey ingredients and increase profits for dairy farmers and processors.

Gulustan Ozturk