Evaluating trends in female to male ratios in dairy science and related programs throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest region and the translation into post-secondary employment

PI: Krista Eiseman


Eiseman is an assistant professor of animal and dairy science at UW–Platteville. Her research interests include impacts of heifer post-weaning intake on lifetime productivity, impact of management on health and performance of beef calves, supplementation strategies for improved animal health and productivity, and weaning management strategies.

There is a large presence of women in dairy science and other agriculture related programs within Wisconsin’s four-year, two-year, and technical college programs. Current data in Wisconsin indicates that for most dairy science, animal science, and ag business post-secondary education programs, women are pursuing agriculture related degrees at a greater rate than their male counterparts. This project will look to evaluate the trends of female to male ratios throughout Wisconsin’s different institution types, and in the Midwest as a whole.

Dong Isbister