Adding low-field NMR to the capabilities of CALS researchers to improve nutrient use efficiency on Wisconsin dairy farms

PI: Matthew Digman


Digman is an assistant professor of biological systems engineering at UW–Madison. His research interests include impact of autonomy on agricultural machine forms, application of sensors to predict chemical and physical properties of agricultural materials, and fractional utilization of herbaceous biomass.

Digman’s project plans to to fuse data between low-field nuclear magnetic resonance (LFNMR) and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) to produce a novel analytical tool for dairy producers and CALS scientists. LFNMR and NIRS work together to provide a complete picture of the nutrients of concern onWisconsin dairy farms. Their vision is to combine these technologies into a monolithic device that can be used tointerrogate milk and manure as well as liquid suspensions of plant tissues, feeds and soil. The system would be portable and would handle homogenization, dilution/concentration, spectral data collection, processing and cleaning.

Zhou Zhang