Design of a microgrid for the future dairy plant at UW-Platteville

PI: Gholamreza Dehnavi


Dehnavi is an associate professor at UW–Platteville. His research interests include power electronic and power system projects.

A typical dairy plant uses large amounts of energy and manufacturers regularly seek out opportunities to reduce production costs without negatively affecting the yield or quality of their finished products. On the other hand, having a continuous supply of power is a critical factor in a dairy plant to maintain product quality. A reliable and continuous source of power can be provided by using alternative local energy sources which will also increase grid independence and minimize energy costs. An artificial intelligence-based microgrid can be a solution for dairy plants to reduce energy costs and maintain grid independence by utilizing energy efficiency strategies. The goal of this project is to design an AI-based microgrid for the future dairy plant at UW–Platteville. The proposed microgrid technology would deliver continuous and reliable energy to dairy plant components even when the grid power goes down, minimize energy cost and environmental impacts of electric power generation, and provide a platform for educational as well as research purposes in the area of microgrid from the point of view of various disciplines.

Mehdi Roopaei