Application of dairy components in improving chronic disease risk

PI: Joseph Pierre

Pierre is an assistant professor of nutritional sciences at UW–Madison who specializes in human health and nutrition. His research interests include the gut microbiome, nutrition, and intestinal physiology and disease. Pierre’s position is funded by the Dairy Innovation Hub.

Graduate student (pictured above): Karen Angélica Gomes Vilela Antunes is pursuing a master’s degree in nutritional sciences and is mentored by Joseph Pierre. She earned her bachelor’s in nutrition from the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In addition to her nutrition education, she has experience in dietary counseling.

The objective of this project is to propose an effective nutritional strategy that will prevent lean mass loss, after bariatric surgery in postmenopausal women. This project hypothesizes that the use of GMP protein after bariatric surgery will help to maintain lean body mass, avoiding weight regain in the future.

Karen Antunes