Hub-funded grad student Jalyssa Beaudry analyzes the adoption of automatic milking systems across Wisconsin dairy farms

Discover the transformative impact of Automated Milking Systems (AMS) on Wisconsin’s dairy farms in the latest study conducted by a team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and UW–River Falls, including Hub-funded graduate student Jalyssa Beaudry. The survey of 2,000 farm owners reveals a growing trend: 8% already use AMS and an additional 18% are considering it, particularly among younger farmers under 45. This highlights a generational shift towards technology adoption.

Although initial costs can be steep — ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 per unit, not including necessary modifications for larger setups — many farmers find the investment worthwhile. A striking 80% adopted AMS to reduce dependency on labor and boost milk production, while 72% reported improved prospects for their farm’s future. Despite these advantages, high costs and operational complexity remain significant hurdles, particularly for smaller operations. This study underscores the critical balance between innovation and accessibility as AMS reshapes the landscape of dairy farming in Wisconsin.

Listen to Beaudry give a summary of this work in the video below.